“In its pilot year, I went into Maximum City with the vague notion that I was unsatisfied with how my city was run and that I wanted to do something about it, and left the program not only excited by the knowledge that I could affect tangible change but also by the prospect of pursuing architecture and planning for the rest of my life.” —Duncan Steele, Cornell Architecture 2019

We work with schools and governments to promote better conversations about how we plan and live in cities.

ABOUT: Maximum City began in 2011 as a summer pilot program for high school students interested in urban design and architecture. Now we divide our time between working in schools to train teachers to deliver our hands-on urban studies curriculum, and as community consultation and engagement specialists for municipalities and other governmental organizations.

SELECT CLIENTS: Jane’s Walk • Ontario Ministry of Education • Doors Open Toronto SCHOOLS: University of Toronto Schools • Toronto District School Board • Peel District School Board • The York School CITIES: City of Toronto • City of Belleville

SERVICES: Summer Programs • Public Consultation • Stakeholder Engagement • Teacher Training • Professional Development • Facilitation

2016 Summer Program Registration

Teacher Training & Citybuilder Workshops