• “I used to think that wherever I was living, I should just accept it and I never once thought that I could change my community. Now, wherever I’m walking I think about how that place can be improved.” —Grade 10 Student
  • “Maximum City truly is the incubator for Toronto’s next generation of City Builders.” —Zahra Ebrahim, Principal & Founder, archiTEXT
  • “I will never look at any urban controversy or argument in the same way because now I know how to consider many perspectives of a situation.” —Grade 9 Student
  • “I used to get a drive to school but after the cycling lessons I definitely feel more confident now taking my bike.” —Grade 10 Student
  • “Over the course of the design challenge, I learned a very important life lesson: think big and think outside the box. I learned not to be afraid of making big changes.” —Grade 8 Student
  • “Importantly, Maximum City encourages exploration and debate among youth about their communities and their ability to contribute to creating healthy, vital cities.” —Melanie Hare, Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.

The Maximum City summer programs offer inquiry-based, hands-on learning experiences to students grades 3 and up, and are hosted on the University of Toronto downtown campus in the month of July.

2016 Summer Program Registration

Summer Student Testimonials

“Now that I have participated in the Maximum City program, I think that I have all the more reason and passion to dive deeper into the issues surrounding our community as a whole.” —Grade 10 student

“I have a lot of expectations for Toronto. Being a first generation immigrant, I have come to love Toronto as my home and I see a lot of potential in it becoming an even better city than it already is.” —Morgan, Grade 10

“I find it interesting when my ward councillor mails out his plans for change and I always read them and reflect on them. Maximum City is the perfect way for me to become an expert in urban planning and design so that I can really formulate an opinion about what the city is doing and how it can be doing a better job.” —Angela, Grade 11

“One thing that I believe our neighbourhood lacks is a small, local community centre. With a small community centre, many of us would know each other better than we currently do. In fact, I know very few of my neighbours personally and this would help our community bond.” —Grade 8 student

“In its pilot year, I went into Maximum City with the vague notion that I was unsatisfied with how my city was run and that I wanted to do something about it, and left the program not only excited by the knowledge that I could affect tangible change but also by the prospect of pursuing architecture and planning for the rest of my life.” —Duncan Steele, Cornell Architecture 2019


“My 13-year-old son attended the program this summer and it was, hands down, the most engaging and sticky learning experience he’s ever had. He understands Toronto in an entirely new way and the empathy and understanding he has around the complex issue of affordability is striking.” —Ariana Bradford, Rotman School of Management

“Maximum City truly is the incubator for Toronto’s next generation of City Builders.” —Zahra Ebrahim, Principal & Founder, archiTEXT